Martinis Bar

Valparaiso's Scratch Bar

What can be more natural than having a mixologist preparing cocktails behind the bar when you’re in a Scratch Kitchen called Martinis?

It’s the perfect fit, and that’s why so many people in Northwest Indiana love to say, “meet me at Martinis.”

The Martinis bar offers you the finest selection of carefully selected wine, the freshest craft beer, and cocktails.

Cocktail Bar

The Martinis cocktail selection is endless, including traditional and non-traditional presentations of margaritas, Moscow mules,  mojitos, and bloody marys. For a New York minute, try our old fashions or Manhattan drinks.  

But it’s the Martinis that inspire greatness from Sophie’s team of high-energy mixologists. With 44 martinis to choose from, you’ll love coming back again and again. 

Mixologist vs. Bartender:
What’s the Difference?

A mixologist is the hottest trend in the East Coast culinary scene and now Valpo has them at Martinis. A “mixologist” refers to someone that approaches cocktails as a craft, has a rich appreciation of the ingredients and techniques used, and regularly creates new and innovative mixed drinks.

Mixologists spend a significant portion of their job behind the scenes, creating new craft cocktails and putting their signature twist on existing favorites. But it’s seeing the customer enjoy their innovative concoctions that bring happiness to the Martinis bar team!